60m², 2 bathrooms with shower function, 2 WCs, living area with sofa, dutch tiled stove, corner bench and table, large balcony facing south.
Together with the double room “Flühen” (25m²) the double room “Rüfikopf” (36m²) provides a spacious family suite (can only be booked in combination)

Enjoy the harmony of coziness and charming details. Both rooms are separated by a common entrance. The Following amenities are provided: Two bathrooms with bathtub and shower function, living area with dutch tiled stove, DVD Player, Flatscreen TV and Surround System. The large balcony facing south is inviting to unwind and enjoy the beautiful mountain panorama and the best moments life has to offer.

The family combination “Rüfikopf/Flühen” is therefore ideal for families with the need for more space. In combination with the double room “Flühen” for 4 adults, or 2 adults and 2-4 children.

Please note: While online booking you can book the double room “Rüfikopf” as well as the double room “Flühen”. Or please contact us to find the best combination for you.